A Day in the Death of Walter Zawislak by Molly O’Keefe

English | ePUB | Pages: 207 | 311.02 kB

If, at the end of your life, you got to pick one day to relive, what day would you pick?

Walter Zawislak wants none of it. Not a day to relive, not a trip down memory lane through a life he wasted. His wife, Rosie, died 20 years ago, and without her he hasn’t done much living. So if it’s lights out for him, then just turn them off already and let him get some peace and quiet.

But Peter, the mysterious young man in charge of Walter’s afterlife, isn’t listening to Walter. In Peter’s eyes there is beauty in every day, even the bad ones. Even the really bad ones. Of which Water has had more than a few. But there are also days of bravery and heroism. Selflessness and grace.

And Rosie…there are lots of days of Rosie.

Before it’s too late for both of them, Peter has to remind Walter that there’s more to life than dying.


My 51st book! And I know we’re not supposed to love any of our own books more than the other – but Walter, this strange, magical, heart-breaking but ultimately affirming love story about heaven and family and forgiveness… well, it’s my favorite. I said it. It’s been kicking around in my head and on no less than three computers over the years. And I’m so delighted to finally have it out in the world.

review by Mooly