A TIme of Blood by John Gwynne


English | ePUB | 4.26


The second novel in acclaimed fantasy author John Gwynne’s Of Blood and Bone trilogy, an epic series perfect for fans of Anthony Ryan, Brandon Sanderson, and David Gemmell.


Defy the darkness. Defend the light.

Drem and his friends flee the battle at Starstone Lake to warn the Order of the Bright Star. They’ve witnessed horrors they’ll never forget, such as magic warping men into beasts. But worst of all, they’ve seen a demon rise from the dead – making it even more powerful. Now Fritha, the demons’ high priestess, is hunting Drem’s party.

Concealed in Forn Forest, Riv struggles to understand her half-breed heritage. She represents the warrior angels’ biggest secret, one which could break their society. And when she’s found by the Ben-Elim’s high captain, he swoops in for the kill.

As demonic forces multiply, they send a mighty war-host to overthrow the angel’s stronghold. This could decimate the fractured Ben-Elim. And their allies in the Order may be too overwhelmed to send aid – with Fritha and her monstrous beasts closing in. Like heroes of old, Drem and the Bright Star’s warriors must battle to save their land. But can the light triumph when the dark is rising?

A Time of Blood is the spectacular follow-up to John Gwynne’s A Time of Dread.


Emma: Following on from the catastrophic finale of A Time of Dread, this is a high action, high tension blinder of a read. When you pick it up that first time be prepared not to put it down till the last page. It follows standard film sequel rules: bigger, bolder, bloodier. There are all kinds of monstrous creatures chucked in, perhaps running a little too far with it at times… I’m looking at you Ulf and crew. Still, it makes for some seriously incredible scenes, cinematic and deadly. Even with all this action, the absolute standout was the characters, or one in particular: Drem. He is the heart of this book, the one to stand with and cheer for. What he considers to be his limitations are the very reason his thoughts and actions are so meaningful, he overcomes them, pushing through his boundaries to be the hero everyone else knows him to be. He feels the most real, especially as he’s the one person who genuinely develops in this offering, there is real change and growth. If there is a Bright Star here, he’s it.

James Islington: Excellent heroic fantasy – I really enjoyed A Time of Dread, but I think this book was even better. With the main characters already established, the story moves along at a terrific pace, with plenty of tension and rousing action to propel things forward. Character and plot development doesn’t fall by the wayside amidst it all, though, and by the end, everything’s set up beautifully for the final book.

I still have The Faithful and the Fallen, which is the precursor series to this one, sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read – something I’m very much looking forward to doing, when time finally allows – but as with A Time of Dread, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on important information by reading this series first.

A fantastic sequel, and the series is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys classic fantasy!


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