Adversary series by F. Paul Wilson

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The Author

Francis Paul Wilson (born May 17, 1946 in Jersey City, New Jersey) is an American author, primarily in the science fiction and horror genres.

His debut novel was Healer (1976). Wilson is also a part-time practicing family physician. He made his first sales in 1970 to Analog while still in medical school (graduating in 1973), and continued to write science fiction throughout the seventies. In 1981, he ventured into the horror genre with the international bestseller, The Keep, and helped define the field throughout the rest of the decade. In the 1990s, he became a true genre hopper, moving from science fiction to horror to medical thrillers and branching into interactive scripting for Disney Interactive and other multimedia companies. He, along with Matthew J. Costello, created and scripted FTL Newsfeed, which ran daily on the Sci-Fi Channel from 1992–1996.

Among Wilson’s best-known characters is the anti-hero Repairman Jack, an urban mercenary introduced in the 1984 New York Times bestseller, The Tomb. Unwilling to start a series character at the time, Wilson refused to write a second Repairman Jack novel until Legacies in 1998. Since then he has written one per year along with side trips into vampire fiction (the retro Midnight Mass), science fiction (Sims), and even a New Age thriller (The Fifth Harmonic). Current books sales are around six million.

Throughout his writing – especially in his earlier science fiction works (most notably An Enemy of the State) – Wilson has included explicitly libertarian political philosophy which extends to his “Repairman Jack” series. He won the first Prometheus Award in 1979 for his novel Wheels Within Wheels and another in 2004 for Sims. The Libertarian Futurist Society has also honored Wilson with their Hall of Fame Award for Healer (in 1990) and An Enemy of the State (in 1991). In 2015 he received the third special Prometheus Award for Lifetime Achievement: the previous two recipients were Poul Anderson and Vernor Vinge.

The Books

Bestselling author F. Paul Wilson explores the evil of man – and the supernatural evil that man keeps alive.

The six novels that comprise The Adversary Cycle are (in chronological order):

The Keep
The Tomb
The Touch

However, the book series does not fall into a strict chronological order, with alternative orderings suggested. For example, Wilson’s website suggests an order of The Keep, Reborn, The Touch, The Tomb, Reprisal, and Nightworld.

The Tomb and The Touch were initially written as stand-alone novels; it is only in Nightworld that they were retroactively made part of the Cycle as their respective protagonists all come together to fight the final battle against the Otherness.

Although these six books make up the “core” of “The Adversary Cycle”, many more novels and short stories tie into the series. For example, The Tomb is also the start of the Repairman Jack series of novels, which quickly became deeply entwined with the Adversary Cycle. They take place in the last three years before Nightworld and include some of the main characters from the original Adversary Cycle. This is all part of the “Grand Unification” theme of Wilson’s work.


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