Art Journey Portraits And Figures – The Best Of Contemporary Drawing In Graphite, Pastel And Colored Pencil

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Truth. Beauty. Experience. Emotion.

The artists included in Art Journey: Portraits and Figures say they have discovered all of these things and more through their work. Sometimes it’s in the eyes. Or perhaps it’s the hint of an expression that seems to beckon one closer, begging to share a secret. Maybe it’s the tilt of a chin. Or the posture or stance of one’s subject. But in a well executed portrait or figure? Something special, something unique that is invariably revealed–oftentimes about both the subject and the artist.

Covering a tantalizing range of styles, the works within illustrate the many ways today’s best artists choreograph shape, value, line texture and color into compositions that create drama, tell a story and pull the viewer in. Featuring unusual perspectives, enticing contrasts and other dynamic design elements, Art Journey: Portraits and Figures delivers fresh inspiration for artists of every skill level and medium.

   • Art and inspiration from 109 contemporary artists working in charcoal, pencil, pastel, colored pencil, scratchboard, pen and ink, and more
   • 107 masterful works–the best in portraiture and figure work–demonstrating a wonderful diversity of styles
   • Expert tips and advice and insights into the stories behind art


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