Assorted Cooking Recipes Books Collection (July, 25 2020)

English | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | Books: 12

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1. Knives Out: Recipes for The Ultimate Family Cookout

English – 70 Pages – 23MB

Written and directed by Rian Johnson, Knives out is a thriller, murder mystery movie featuring a host of Hollywood stars including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette, LaKeith Stanfield and other emerging stars like Ana de Armas, Katherine Langford, and others. 

2. Fabulous French Crepe Recipes: An Illustrated Cookbook of Sweet Savory Crepe Ideas!

English – 75 Pages – 20.44 MB

The recipes in this cookbook show you that buttery, soft, delicious crepes are not just delectable to eat; they’re fairly easy to prepare, as well! Crepes have been popular in France for hundreds of years, to be sure. In fact, February 2 is Crepe Day in France. And people all over the world have grown to love them nearly as much as the French do.

3. Easy, Scrumptious Cookie Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Sweetest Treat Ideas!

English – 72 Pages – 20MB

This cookbook will show you how to make some of the tastiest treats you’ve ever had, cookies of all types and sizes. People LOVE cookies, and they’re so much easier to prepare than many other types of desserts and sweet snacks.

4. A Bakery Cookbook: A Cookbook That Offers 50 Recipes with A New Perspective on Baking

English – 107 Pages – 31 MB

Baking food instead of grilling, frying, or boiling it can be a real joy. Don’t limit yourself to just dessert baking, incorporate all ingredient groups, and see how your world of cooking opens up. The stages of baking are critical contributors to drawing out the taste of the food because the food doesn’t lose any of the nutrients.

5. Mulan Cookbook: Asian Recipes for Champions

English – 69 Pages – 20.34 MB

Mulan is a typical story of what a boy can do, a girl (can do better). Distraught by the fact that her sick and ailing father must join the army to fight the invasion, Mulan disguises as a boy to guard her father’s life and keep his honor. However, we love Mulan for so many reasons. Asides from giving us a colorful insight into the cultures and traditions of the Orient, it shows us that human beings are resilient.

6. Meat Recipe Book: A Cookbook to Show How to Make High Protein Meaty Dishes

English – 105 Pages – 38 MB

This book provides just over forty basic recipes on how to cook various meat types – beef, lamb, chicken, fish. Some of these might seem basic but developed into some really interesting meals from some really interesting places. Look at the bonus meals and meals with specific place names in their titles.

7. Mustard Cookbook: Mustard is more than a condiment – This cookbook will make you realize it and more!

English – 62 Pages – 28MB

Many people forget where mustard comes from. They think of mustard and think of the yellow bottle that they simply have to squeeze. However, do not forget that mustard comes from plants and grows in the ground. We will talk about it some more in the introduction and even teach you how to grow your own mustard if you wish.

8. Salad Days: Healthy, Fresh ‘n Filling Sweet and Savory Salad Recipes

English – 93 Pages – 27MB

From old-time sweet favorites such as Watergate salad and classic Ambrosia to juicy chicken with fresh blueberries and homemade lemon yogurt dressing sweet and savory salads have never tasted so good. Salads are easy to make and a great way to include lots of vitamins and minerals to your family’s diet. What’s more, by using nuts, seeds, and beans, you can add protein, fiber, and healthy fats to mealtimes.

9. Summer Sorbets: Nothing Hits the Spot Like the Homemade Sorbets!

English – 54 Pages – 19MB

Summer is here and nothing hits the spot like a delicious sorbet made of fresh fruit! A smooth, frozen, tasty treat is exactly what you need on a hot summer day. No complex machinery needed, just a few ingredients and some creativity. This book will teach you how to make these sweet frozen desserts in no time.

10. The Ultimate Pretzel Recipe Book: Delicious Pretzel Recipes for You to Make at Home!

English – 71 Pages – 19MB

Carby and absolutely delicious, almost everyone loves a good pretzel. And if you’ve ever wondered how they’re made, well wonder no further! In this recipe book, you’ll be given easy recipes that will help you put up the most delicious pretzels you have ever eaten!

11. Your Guide to Instant Pot Cooking: Discover Delicious Recipes That Can Be Made Easily in Your Instant Pot!

English – 70 Pages – 23MB

If you’re looking for ways to use the Instant Pot and put up delicious dishes, then you’re in the right place! With this Instant Pot recipe book, you’ll be able to cook up all sorts of deliciousness that don’t take up much time!

12. The Omelet Cookbook: Delicious Omelet Recipes to Try Out!

English – 69 Pages – 27MB

If you’re looking for easy and delicious omelet recipes to try out, look no further! Inside this recipe book, you’ll find a variety of delicious omelet recipes ranging in flavor to satisfy everyone! So, whether you’re up for breakfast, brunch or eggs for dinner, there’s something for every occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get cooking!


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