Assorted Healthcare & Fitness Books Collection (July, 26 2020)

English | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | Books: 12

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1. Sleep Medicine and Mental Health: A Guide for Psychiatrists and Other Healthcare Professionals

English – 397 pages – 5MB

Advances in sleep medicine research are improving our clinical work for individuals with sleep problems. The aim of this book is to educate psychiatrists and other mental health professionals about the importance of understanding sleep disorders, including their bidirectional relationship with psychiatric conditions.

2. The New Reflexology: A Unique Blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Reflexology Practice for Better Health …

English – Pages 336 – 11MB

Reflexology has always been an effective way to relieve stress, alleviate pain, and combat ailments, but in The New Reflexology, internationally acclaimed instructor Inge Dougans shows readers a unique and proven method for getting even better results.

3. The Children in Child Health: Negotiating Young Lives and Health in New Zealand

English – 253 Pages – 12MB

Who are the children in child health policy? How do they live and see the world, and why should we know them? A journey into the lives of children coping in a world compromised by poverty and inequality, The Children in Child Health challenges the invisibility of children’s perspectives in health policy and argues that paying attention to what children do is critical for understanding the practical and policy implications of these experiences.

4. Neuronal Chloride Transporters in Health and Disease

English – 728 pages – 33MB

In the past several years, there has been an exciting body of new research that links impairments in the expression or function of neuronal chloride transporters to a growing number of diseases spanning from autism to brain aging. This book introduces the core concepts and highlights the recent advances in understanding the physiology and pathophysiology of the KCC and NKCC families of neuronal chloride transporters.

5. Managing Health in the Genomic Era: A Guide to Family Health History and Disease Risk

English – 223 pages – 6MB

In Managing Health in the Genomic Era: A Guide to Family Health History and Disease Risk, Drs. Vincent C. Henrich, Lori A. Orlando, and Brian H. Shirts discuss the practical considerations surrounding the use of genomic and genetic tests to manage patient health, to provide adult disease risk assessment, to improve diagnosis, and to support effective interventions and treatment.

6. Sauna for Your Health

English – 34 pages – 184KB

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “sauna”? The concept of a sauna may seem like an enigma for those who haven’t experienced it yet. You might think of it as a hot box with suffocating smoke where people, half or fully naked, are dripping in stinking sweat! 

7. Revolutionizing Women’s Healthcare: The Feminist Self-Help Movement in America

English – 201 Pages – 9MB

Revolutionizing Women’s Healthcare is the story of a feminist experiment: the self-help movement. This movement arose out of women’s frustration, anger, and fear for their health. Tired of visiting doctors who saw them as silly little girls, suffering shame when they asked for birth control, seeking abortions in back alleys, and holding little control over their own reproductive lives, women took action. Feminists created “self-help groups” where they examined each other’s bodies and read medical literature.

8. Magic healing exercises to maintain health and strengthen the body’s natural defenses

English – 94 Pages – 7MB

Magical movements for healing and strengthening the psyche and body. It has long been known that the physical and mental states of a person are interconnected. Lack of physical activity can affect a person’s mental activity and cause, especially with age, numerous diseases. This book presents eight unique sets of exercises to treat disorders, maintain health and strengthen the body’s natural defenses.

9. Genome Plasticity in Health and Disease

English – 269 pages – 9MB

Genome Plasticity in Health and Disease provides a fully up-to-date overview on genome plasticity and its role in human physiology and disease. Following an introduction to the field, a diverse range of chapters cover genomic and epigenomic analysis and the use of model organisms and genomic databases in studies.

10. Fuzziness and Medicine: Philosophical Reflections and Application Systems in Health Care

English – 473 pages – 15MB

This book is a collection of contributions written by philosophers and scientists active in different fields, such as mathematics, logics, social sciences, computer sciences and linguistics. They comment on and discuss various parts of and subjects and propositions introduced in the Handbook of Analytical Philosophy of Medicine from Kazem Sadegh-Zadeh, published by Springer in 2012. This volume reports on the fruitful exchange and debate that arose in the fuzzy community upon the publication of the Handbook.

11. Foot Reflexology & Acupressure: A Natural Way to Health Through Traditional Chinese Medicine

English – 160 pages – 27MB

With 77 reflex zones and 66 acupressure points, the soles of the feet are essentially a map to the human body—each one corresponds to an organ, muscle or other potential problem area. By implementing reflexology and acupressure techniques, you may be able to alleviate pain and discomfort, fatigue, stress and symptoms of chronic disease. These techniques can be done anytime and anywhere, and require just a few minutes a day.

12. AI in Health: A Leader’s Guide to Winning in the New Age of Intelligent Health Systems

English – 222 Pages – 9MB

This book defines key technical, process, people, and ethical issues that need to be understood and addressed in successfully planning and executing an enterprise-wide AI plan. It provides clinical and business leaders with a framework for moving organizations from the aspiration to execution of intelligent systems to improve clinical, operational, and financial performance.


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