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The Author

Ben Winston (1965 – ?) was born in Iowa and grew up in Minnesota on the family dairy farm. Upon reaching adulthood, he joined the United States Army as a communications technician. Before getting out of the military, he decided to go to school for computer electronics.

Shortly after getting out of the military, and after getting a new job with an over-seas company, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. A month after beginning the new job, he was laid off due to budget over-runs on the project he was hired for. Upon returning to the United States, he had difficulty maintaining employment because of the chronic illness.

He began writing as a form of stress release, from being home bound and not being able to work, and found he liked writing. Ben wrote a trilogy called the Talosian Chronicles (Currently in rewrite to finalize his vision of the story). The first book, Star Dancer, won awards and was nominated for many others by the online communities where it was posted.

Ben Winston returned to school for literature, after completion, he began writing professionally. Being an avid fan of science fiction he focused on this genre. He was, and still is, influenced and inspired by Gene Roddenberry, Anne McCaffery, David Weber, Isaac Asimov, and Ray Bradbury. Some of his favorite movies and TV shows are; Battlestar Galactica (both versions), Andromeda, Star Trek, Firefly, Star Wars, and many of the B-rated movies that were actually box-office bombs.

The Books

alien contact, soldier, biological enchancement, return home, bio enhancement

John Aster has been a soldier for a long time, when decides to retire, and once again become a normal human. His de-enhancement fails, and presents a never before seen situation, and an opportunity for his government. Especially since he picked the trouble spot as his new home.

The books in suggested reading order:

Pest Control
The Last Misson

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