Butterfly by Ashley Antoinette

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Butterfly is the first novel in an all new series by New York Times best-selling author Ashley Antoinette!

“Run away from the boy that gives you butterflies, he’s going to break your heart.”

Morgan Atkins had been told that phrase ever since she was a little girl, and still she allowed herself to fall for the boy that made her heart flutter. After losing her first love, Morgan is terrified to love again. She’s settled for a comfortable life with a respectable man. She has everything. She’s living in the lap of luxury, and although she’s comfortable, she’s bored out of her mind.

When a ghost from her past blows into town, she finds herself entangled in an illicit affair. It’s wrong, but she can’t fight the butterflies he gives her, and honestly, she doesn’t want to. She can’t hide the natural attraction she feels, and soon, she’s so deep involved that she can no longer tell where the boundary between right and wrong lies. Her heart is telling her one thing, but her head is saying another. Morgan Atkins has always been a spoiled girl and she tries to have it all, but when she’s forced to choose between a good man and a bad boy, someone will end up hurt. Someone just may end up dead.

Morgan Atkins has been through more tragedy than one girl can bear. Will she weather this storm? Or will the ultimate heartbreak ruin her for good?


One of the biggest names in Urban-fiction, Ashley Antoinette, is back … An intense start to this new series with characters that are real and genuine. It’s a story about love, trying to put the past behind and moving on with your life.

review by Red Carpet Crash on Butterfly

A fast-paced tale…a solid addition to a well-known author’s long list of extremely popular tales.

review by Library Journal on Luxe

This was my first read by Ashley Antoinette. I have admired the Ashley and JaQuavis novels from a distance over the years. Recently, I have seen several book bloggers post about Antoinette’s Ethic series. I was intrigued by the premise of that series. Butterfly is a follow up to the Ethic series and follows the story of Morgan Atkins. The author cautions readers to read the Ethic series before reading Butterfly. I did not follow the author’s advice and I was able to follow the novel with no problem. Antoinette gives enough back story from the Ethic series to keep new readers engaged. The author’s word usage is like a well-crafted rap song. Instead giving the story in 16 bars she gives it to the reader in 21 chapters. The author includes a playlist for the book, I listened to it while reading and that enhanced my reading experience. I was gifted this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

review by Alicia