Charles Todd Collection

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The Author

Charles Todd is a pen name used by the American authors Caroline and Charles Todd. This mother-and-son writing team lives in the eastern United States, in North Carolina and Delaware respectively.

The authors are best known for a series of novels, set in post World War I England. The books deal with the cases of Inspector Ian Rutledge, a veteran of the European campaigns who is attempting to pick up the pieces of his Scotland Yard career. However, he must keep his greatest burden a secret: suffering from shell shock, he lives with the constant, cynical, taunting voice of Hamish MacLeod, a young Scots soldier he was forced to execute on the battlefield for refusing an order.

They are also the authors of a series about Bess Crawford, a nurse serving in France during World War I.

The books in suggested reading order:

Bess Crawford
01 – A Duty to the Dead
02 – An Impartial Witness
03 – A Bitter Truth
04 – An Unmarked Grave
05 – A Question of Honor
06 – An Unwilling Accomplice
07 – The Maharani’s Pearls

Inspector Ian Crawford
01 – A Test of Wills
02 – Wings of Fire
03 – Search the Dark
04 – Legacy of the Dead
05 – Watchers of Time
06 – A Fearsome Doubt
07 – A Cold Treachery
08 – A Long Shadow
09 – A False Mirror
10 – A Pale Horse
11 – A Matter of Justice
12 – The Red Door
13 – A Lonely Death
14 – The Confession
15 – Proof of Guilt
16 – Hunting Shadows
17 – Cold Comfort
18 – The Kidnapping

A Fine Summer’s Day
The Murder Stone
The Walnut Tree: A Holiday Tale