David Webb series by Anthea Fraser

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The Author

Anthea Fraser is British novelist best known for a series of mystery thrillers that include, The Rona Parish and the DCI Webb Mystery series. She has also published five novels under the pseudonym, Vanessa Graham. Fraser comes from a literary family with her mother also a published novelist. She was interested in story telling from a very early age and began composing short stories and poems even before she could write. She would go on to declare her wish to pursue a professional career in authorship aged only five. During her school years, she would fill up her exercise books with her poems and short stories, which set the groundwork for her later writing endeavors. Even as she was one of the most prolific of writers in her class, she never made it into professional writing until she was married with two daughters. In the early years of her professional career, she published short stories that were not very successful. It was not until 1970 that she turned to novel writing and published her first ever commercially successful novel. Four years later, she published her first ever-significant success, Laura Possessed. While her preceding short stories had more to do with thriller themes, she shifted to a paranormal theme with Laura Possessed. Six other novels were to follow on the same themes that were just as successful. Now more confident in her abilities, she wrote some titles in romantic suspense before becoming a huge success with her crime fiction thriller series of novels.

The Books

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Kate Romilly left her old life behind when she left her unfaithful husband. Moving to the small town of Broadminster with her young son was a fresh start. Closer to her best friend, with a good job, a new flat, it was a chance to start again. But a killer is attacking divorcees…

At the scene of each crime, the name ‘Delilah’ is scrawled in lipstick on the victim’s mirror. The danger is coming closer to home. Kate starts receiving strange ‘gifts’, a dead pigeon, a dismembered moth – she fears she may be the next target Chief Inspect Webb and Sergeant Jackson are in a race against time to unravel this seemingly impossible mystery and find the culprit before the next dead body found is Kate Romilly’s.

‘A Shroud for Delilah’ is a fast-paced crime novel featuring Anthea Fraser’s popular detective David Webb. Praise for Anthea Fraser: “A superbly crafted, riveting, page-turner of a read” – Booklist “Ms Fraser is her dependable elegant, guileful self withholding the killer’s identity till a dying fall” – Sunday Times ‘A well-mannered, well-plotted and well-told story’ – Birmingham Post ‘Sympathetic, well-executed book, in which full attention is paid to human feelings and failings’ – Yorkshire Post ANTHEA FRASER has written all her life but did not begin to take it seriously until after marriage, when she found herself at home with two small daughters and embarked on a correspondence course with the London School of Journalism. She wrote short stories before turning to novels of the supernatural, and then to crime. Her other books include ‘Pretty Maids all in a Row’, ‘Eleven Who Went Up to Heaven’, The Ten Commandments’, ‘The Seven Stars’ and ‘One is One and All Alone’. Endeavour Press is the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital books. **

The books in suggested reading order:

A Shroud for Delilah
A Necessary End
Pretty Maids All In A Row
Death Speaks Softly
The Nine Bright Shiners
Six Proud Walkers
The April Rainers
Symbols at Your Door
The Lily-White Boys
Three, Three, the Rivals
The Gospel Makers
The Seven Stars
One Is One and All Alone
The Ten Commandments