Astral series by Bennett R. Coles

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The Author

Bennett R. Coles is a Canadian author of fiction. He is known for his fiction writing of novels within the science fiction genre.

Bennett R. Coles is the creator and writer of the Virtues of War series. This fictional series of novels first kicked off in 2015 with the release of the debut novel, which shares the same name. The sequel came out in 2016 and the third book followed it just a year later (titled March of War). The series is a trilogy with space to grow if the author decides to go that way.

Coles won an award for his debut novel. He received the CBR Cygnus Award in the science fiction and fantasy category.

The Books

Fiction, Science Fiction, Action & Adventure, Space Opera, Military

The Terran military, the Astral Force, launches a mission to crush a colonial rebellion on the colony of Cerberus. The results of that mission ripple across the planets of the Centauria, and place the entire system on the brink of war.

Lieutenant Katja Emmes is a platoon commander, leader of the 10-trooper strike team aboard the fast-attack craft Rapier. Although fully trained, she has never led troops in real operations before, and lives in the shadow of her war-hero father. Sublieutenant Jack Mallory is fresh out of pilot school, daydreaming about a fighter pilot position in the space fleet and in for a rude awakening. Lieutenant Commander Thomas Kane uses a six-month deployment in command of Rapier to secure his rise to stardom within the military.

As violence erupts, each will be tested as never before. How they respond may decide the fate of Terra, and Earth.

The books in suggested reading order:

Virtues of War
Ghosts of War
March of War