Clockwork Dagger series by Beth Cato

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The Author

Author Beth Cato has written the “Clockwork Dagger Duology” series and the “Breath of Earth” series. There are both novels and short stories to the “Clockwork Dagger” series. She writes fantasy stories that contain elements of high fantasy, romance, steam punk, and adventure.

Cato has been a finalist for a Locus Award for “The Clockwork Dagger” (first novel category) in the year 2015 and for RT Reviewers’ Choice Finalist for “The Clockwork Crown”. “Wings of Sorrow and Bone” (which is a novella that she wrote) was nominated for a Nebula in the year 2016. “Final Flight” was listed on Library Journal’s best books of 2016 list.

She lives with her husband Jason (who loves hockey) and her son Nicholas (who is obsessed with numbers), and a cat Porom (that is canned ham sized). Beth Cato comes from Hanford, California; her and her family live in Arizona (in a city that is near Phoenix). Some of her writing influences include C.E. Murphy and Elizabeth Moon.

The Books

Fiction, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, General

Octavia Leander was orphaned when she was a child, and was doomed to grow up living on the streets. Miss Percival saved her from that and taught her how to be a medician. She has incredible powers and is about to go out on her first mission, which is to go and visit the cities that are suffering from the war.

The airship, that she travels on, has a lot of problems that are strange and disturbing. There is murder and Octavia’s own life is threatened. She gets caught up in all kinds of intrigue. The handsome steward may just be a Clockwork Daggers, an infamous group that are the Queen’s assassins and spies. Her cabin mate is also keeping some disturbing secrets. The danger is just getting started, and she finds out that the conspiracy on the ship may just go to the crown too.

The books in suggested reading order:

The Deepest Poison
The Clockwork Dagger
The Clockwork Crown
Wings of Sorrow And Bone
Final Flight