Diaries of the Family Dracul series by Jeanne Kalogridis

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The Author

Jeanne Kalogridis is a popular American writer of science fiction, horror fiction, and historical fiction stories. She has written several mind-blowing standalone books in her career, including The Burning Times, The Inquisitor’s Wife, The Borgia Bride, Spectors, The Devil’s Queen, The Orphan of Florence, I, Mona Lisa, etc. Kalogridis is also famous for writing the book series called The Diaries of the Family Dracul. In addition to writing under her real name, Kalogridis uses the pen name of J.M. Dillard for writing the Star Trek novels. Her novelizations of the Star Trek movies are quite popular. Author Kalogridis was born on December 17, 1954, in Winter, Haven, Florida, United States. She graduated from the South Florida University and obtained a bachelor of arts degree in Russian language and also a master of arts degree in Linguistics.

Following her post-graduation, Kalogridis was employed as a teacher of English. She taught the language at Washington, DC-based America University as a foreign language. After quitting this job, Kalogridis relocated to the West Coast. Author Kalogridis says that she had developed an interest in books at an early age. It was her interest that led her to pursue Linguistics in college and obtain a degree in the subject. While Kalogridis was growing up, she was involved in reading books of different authors. Her interests were mainly in reading science fiction and horror stories. The authors that influenced her very much include Angela Carter, Bram Stoker, Tanith Lee, Dan Simmons, Ray Bradbury, etc.

After her retirement from the teaching job, Kalogridis thought of trying her hand at writing novels. And following a few initial attempts, she settled down as a full-time writer of historical and horror fiction novels. As of today, Kalogridis resides in California with her partner. She likes to spend her free time in the company of her loving partner and her Labrador retriever. The other interests of author Kalogridis outside of writing include reading books, practicing yoga, going for long walks, training her dog, learning about Buddhism, and looking after her house chores. Kalogridis looks forward to writing many more exciting novels in the years to come and entertain her fans with her excellent writing skills.

The Books

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Set in Transylvania, Kalogridis’s smooth first novel launches a projected vampire trilogy that begins some 50 years before the action of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Like that classic work, this story is told through the diary entries of its major players. Upon the death of his father, Arkady Tsepesh is recalled from London with his pregnant wife to take over the family estate and care for his great-great-uncle-who happens to be the original Vlad the Impaler, now nearly 400 years old. As Vlad’s power waned, he made a covenant with the villagers near his castle that he would spare their lives provided that they serve him faithfully. Arkady’s father found himself bound to this service, as were all first males descended from Vlad. And now Arkady, too, must see that Vlad is well supplied with nourishing visitors lured from abroad. Kalogridis works hard to tighten suspense, dreams up new lore and here and there, especially in erotic passages, strives for fine writing of the sort that set apart Interview with the Vampire in the purple days of Anne Rice. But though the novel has many original touches, the diary format impedes the narrative momentum. Literary Guild; Doubleday Book Club; Science Fiction Book Club selections.

The books in suggested reading order:

Covenant With the Vampire
Children of the Vampire
Lord of the Vampire