Ginger Gold series by Lee Strauss

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The Author

As Lee Strauss, I’m a bestselling author of The Ginger Gold Mysteries series (cozy historical mystery), A Nursery Rhyme Suspense series (mystery sci-fi romantic suspense), The Perception series (young adult dystopian), and young adult historical fiction. When I’m not writing or reading I like to cycle, hike and kayak. I enjoy traveling (but not jet lag :0), cashew lattes, red wine and dark chocolate.

I also write younger YA fantasy as Elle Lee Strauss.

The Books

Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Cozy, International Mystery & Crime, Amateur Sleuth, Private Investigators, Women Sleuths, Traditional, General

Clever and entertaining, you will love this charming Golden Age mystery series. And the fashion is to die for! – Molly C. Quinn, actress, Castle

There’s a skeleton in the attic! After a weeklong passage over the Atlantic from Boston to Liverpool, Ginger Gold arrives at her childhood London home–Hartigan House–to find decade-old remains from some poor woman on the floor in the attic. Ginger’s Boston terrier, Boss, noses out a missing phalange from under the bed. It’s a mystery that once again puts Ginger alongside the handsome Chief Inspector Basil Reed. Who is the victim? And how did she end up in Ginger’s home? Clues lead Ginger and her good friend Haley Higgins to a soirée hosted in 1913 by Ginger’s late father, George Hartigan. A shadow of suspicion is cast on her father’s legacy, and Ginger isn’t so sure she wants to know the truth about the man she dearly loved. Ginger decides to host another soirée, inviting the guest list from ten years previous. Before the night is over, another person is dead.

The books in suggested reading order:

Murder on the SS Rosa
Murder at Hartigan House
Murder at Bray Manor
Murder at Feathers & Flair
Murder at the Mortuary
Murder at Kensington Gardens
Murder at St George’s Church