Hannibal series by Ben Kane

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The Author

Ben Kane is a renowned writer born in Kenya in 1970. He is of Irish descent, though, and he was born in this African country while his father, a veterinarian, had a job there. When Kane was seven, his family moved back to Ireland where he went to school and ultimately college. He followed his father’s footsteps and graduated from University College Dublin, thus becoming a veterinarian. Kane tried to get a job and settle down in the UK, but after a year he got the idea to see the world and he took the trip along the famous Silk Road, a journey that lasted for three months. While visiting countries of the East, Kane saw some interesting historical landmarks, especially in Turkmenistan where he saw the ancient city of Merv, that was an important city in the days of yore. As Kane emerged into this trip, he became more and more interested in ancient civilizations, especially Roman, that would later become the center of his literary work.

Once he got back from the journey, Ben Kane was restless as he felt that he should have seen more. A year passed, and Kane decided to embark on another trip around the world, and this time it lasted for three years. Kane used to picture ancient warriors on the places he visited, especially Roman soldiers and wild tribes of the Britain. This was the time when Kane started reconsidering the career he wanted to pursue.After he came back from the trip, he turned to the life of a veterinarian, but the idea was already inside his head. Since he was a great fan of literature since his childhood, when he spent nearly every nickel on books, Kane started imagining how it would look like to become an author of historical fiction. He was under the influence of such writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Rosemary Sutcliff, possibly his greatest inspiration. He started writing and in 2008, his first novel “The Forgotten Legion” was published. This went on to become the series that made Kane famous, and after this one came other acclaimed series such as “The Hannibal” and “The Spartacus”. Kane even made a documentary “The Road to Rome” that followed his path along the Italy in order to collect funds for charity.

The Books

Fiction, Historical, General, War & Military,

In the First Punic War, the Roman legions defeated and humiliated Carthage, their only serious rival for power in the Mediterranean. Now a brilliant young Carthaginian general, called Hannibal, is out for revenge. Caught up in the maelstrom are two young boys, Hanno, the son of a distinguished soldier and confidant of Hannibal, and Quintus, son of a Roman equestrian and landowner. A disastrous adventure will see Hanno sold into slavery and bought by Quintus’ father. Although an unexpected friendship springs up between the two boys – and with Quintus’ sister, Aurelia – the fortunes of the two warring empires once again separates them. They find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict and an alliance forged through slavery will be played out to its stunning conclusion in battle.

The books in suggested reading order:

Enemy of Rome
The Patrol
Fields of Blood
Clouds of War