I Was a 6th Grade Alien series by Bruce Coville

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The Author

Author Bruce Coville was born in Syracuse, New York (where he lives) on May 16, 1950 and writes young adult fiction. His father was adopted by his aunt and he adopted her last name of Coville. He realized that he was bisexual in his teenage years, while growing up, in what he called, farm country. He was first published in the year 1977, and since then, has published well over hundred books. He finds that it is getting harder to write with each book he completes, because he does not want to repeat himself and also wants to make the currently thing he is writing to live up to something already completed.

His love of reading began at a young age, when he would read many comic books, Tom Swift, Nancy Drew books, and the Hardy Boys. Bruce read books that made him shiver with terror, but also laugh, too. He wanted others to feel these things, and from this, gained a love of writing. Writing was something that he wanted to do from when he was in the middle of his teens, and by nineteen he never looked back from it. While trying to get his first book published, he worked different jobs like: cookware salesman, gravedigger, elementary school teacher of second and fourth graders, and worked on an assembly line.

He is married to Katherine Dietz (who is an artist, with whom Coville has worked on some books with), they got married when he was nineteen. The couple has three kids; two sons (named Orion, born in the year 1970 and Adam, born in the year 1981) and a daughter (named Cara, born in the year 1975).

He was the 23rd person to be given the Empire State Award for Excellence in Literature for Young People, and was given to him by the New York Library Association.

The Books

Juvenile Fiction, Science Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Action & Adventure, General, Fantasy & Magic, Social Themes, Friendship

He came from the stars — and sixth grade will never be the same! The aliens have finally made contact! But when the first ambassador from another planet arrives, he insists that his son, Pleskit Meenom, be treated like any other citizen on Earth. Which is why Pleskit has become the first purple kid in Ms. Weintraub’s sixth grade class. For Tim Tompkins, who has been waiting his entire life to meet an alien, this is like a dream come true. But when Pleskit invites Tim back to the embassy and they stumble across a plan to sabotage the alien mission, Tim’s dream becomes a life-threatening nightmare.

The books in suggested reading order:

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien
The Attack of the Two-Inch Teacher
I Lost My Grandfather’s Brain
Peanut Butter Lover Boy
Zombies of the Science Fair
Don’t Fry My Veeblax!
Too Many Aliens
Farewell to Earth
There’s an Alien in My Backpack
The Revolt of the Miniature Mutants
There’s an Alien in My Underwear
Farewell to Earth