Lena Jones series by Betty Webb

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The Author

Betty Webb is one of the highly reputed authors and a former journalist from Arizona, United States, who has written several well-known books in her writing career. Most of the novels written by her are based on the mystery, suspense, and thriller genres. Apart from these two professions, Betty has also worked as a literary critic for more than twenty years. Author Betty lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is famous for developing the detective mystery series called the Lena Jones Mystery series and A Gun Zoo Mystery series. As a journalist, Betty was involved in interviewing the United States presidents, astronauts, Nobel Prize winners, homeless people, polygamy runaways, and the hopeless too. She retired from her career in journalism in order to focus on her newly acquired writing career as a full time writer. Along with writing mystery novels, author Betty contributes a column in the magazine called as Mystery Scene and also teaches the art of creative writing at the Phoenix College. In most of her writing work, author Betty makes a wide use of the varied backgrounds of herself liberally. Initially, Betty had joined art school and she used to work as a folk singer in order to make up for her expenses. Later, she gave up her interest in singing so as to concentrate on her career in art. At various stages of her life, she was involved in a variety of other activities such as raising chickens, picking cotton, working in a zoo, go-go dancing, horse breeding, teaching at a Sunday School, etc. Betty also laid the foundation of a literary magazine and helped to rebuild a 120 year old farm house that was left abandoned for very long. In the year 1982, author Betty shifted to Scottsdale, Arizona from Scotland. It is also the same place where she has set her Lena Jones novels.

Betty has said that her roots lie in Hamilton, Alabama, where the members of her extended family still live. In the year 2000, author Betty published a book called The Webb Family of Alabama that was based on the life of her great-great-grandfather named William Douglas Webb. It is believed that he had run away to the sea at the age of 16 and after sailing for 14 years, he settled down in Hamilton. A recent DNA test has revealed that he had kept a great secret and might have been a descendent of a colonist family from New Jersey called Price. Now, author Betty is trying to unravel this mystery of the real life of her seafaring ancestor. From her mother’s side, author Betty is related to the Riddell Barons from the medieval Scotland. Author Betty says that having an unusual family has impacted her life in a profound way. This is the reason why she thought that it would be very intriguing to create the character of a detective who did not have any idea of who were her parents or where she had come from. And thereby, she went on to create Lena Jones’ character. By doing so, author Betty believes that she has been able to appreciate the ancestral heritage of her own. As far as the books in the Lena Jones series are concerned, author Betty has said that each of them is inspired by a real life case. Lena has been described by Betty as a private eye, who formerly used to work as a policewoman. She was brought up in a foster home and does not know much about her background. As the series progresses, she learns more about herself. The writing style of author Betty bears a lot of similarities to prominent mystery writers like Marcia Muller, Liza Cody, Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, etc. Recently, author Betty has started a cozy mystery series featuring a California Zookeeper, who indulges in solving crimes.

The Books

Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Women Sleuths, General

At the age of four, Lena Jones was found lying unconscious by the side of an Arizona Highway, a bullet robbing her of any memories. Now a private detective and scarred survivor of a dozen foster homes, Lena has vowed to find the truth about her childhood.

But Lena’s quest is interrupted when her friend, art dealer Clarice Kobe, is beaten to death in her Western Heart Art Gallery on Scottsdale’s Main Street. Lena and her Pima Indian partner Jimmy Sisiwan first suspect Clarice’s abusive husband, but their investigation soon reveals that domestic violence was far from the only problem in the dead woman’s life. For all her money and beauty, Clarice had far more enemies than friends. Among them are a fiery Apache artist whose graphic work she once banned from her gallery and the daughter of an elderly Hispanic woman whose death was directly attributable to the gallery owner’s greed. And Clarice’s land developer parents are oddly untroubled by their daughter’s murder.

Lena’s search for the killer brings violence back into her own life but does it bring her closer to solving her own personal mystery?

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Desert Lost
Desert Wind
Desert Rage
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Desert Redemption