Nick McCarty Assassin series by Bernard Lee DeLeo

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The Author

Bernard Lee DeLeo was born and raised in Warren, Ohio. He is an experienced author for adventure fiction genres with more than twenty one novels already published in his name and presently available on Amazon kindle. Examples of his latest novels include: Cold Blooded, The protectors (published by RJ parker publishers), Hard case and Hard case II: the Lure of hell. In addition to this previous titles, another title dubbed Lancelot is already in the works and set for release soon.

DeLeo also has a humorous side which is evident in his humorous paranormal romance title “LAYLA”. His YA paranormal trilogy: Demonic INC, Demon at war and Demon are all on sale at the moment. There are also a few late releases which have proven to be equally humorous detective novels such as RICK CANTELLI, PI and RICK CANTELLI book II Deadly liaisons. It is equally worth noting that Bernard served aboard the USS ranger “CVA61” from 1969 right until November 1972. He is also an AA degree holder in Auto technology from the college of Chabot in Hayward, CA as well as a BA degree Holder in English from the Cal state Hayward.

His hobbies include: playing basketball, scuba diving (his favorite dive spot is point Lobos right next to the pacific Grove, CA) and backpacking.

DeLeo admits to having caught the writing bug during the fall of 1974 while a part of a creative writing class. During the class sessions, they were required to come up with short interesting stories. His first story he admits was from a dog’s point of view. When critique time finally came, one of his fellow classmates bashed him claiming it was not in order to write a story from a dog’s point of view. The professor at the moment however came to his rescue supporting his decision to assume a completely different point of view than the others leaving him hooked.

As far as the story (plot) and characters are concerned, DeLeo admits that it all depends from one novel to the next. He is on record admitting that an idea for a novel can come about as a result of a real life occurrence which he would love to change. In such a case, he comes up with characters afterwards to try and get the story complete in a manner that will appeal to the targeted readers. In some cases, it is a characters profile which comes to mind first in which case, he goes ahead and builds a story around that character. For instance, he admits that his novel: Cold blooded is mainly focused around a writer Nick McCarty whose attributes he claims can to him before he made up a story to compliment it.

When it comes down to the actual writing, DeLeo is known to get right down to the story. This he does with a little help from close associates who he has entrusted to do intricate storyboards, come up with outline and most importantly help create the novel in independent sections. This works well for them but for him it’s the exact opposite. What he focuses on the most when writing is keeping a character database as well as a timeline database for each and every novel he is working on as he goes about writing. More specifically, in the timeline database, focus is mainly on the synopsis in which case, it allows him to have readymade blurbs by the time he gets down to write the End be it for marketing or for self publishing purposes.

Bernard always has his notebook computer by his side at all times whether at home or on trips. This serves as a guarantee for him to write at anytime ideas pop up. In fact, even in his auto repair shop he has set up a back room from where he is able to write. He therefore takes advantage of each and every opportunity which he gets when he goes there in between assignments. He also admits not to write by routine instead constantly with emphasis on comment blogs, automotive advice, novels, short stories and any other thing which comes to mind. To him, the quickest way to writers block is limiting oneself to a single assignment in progress and in the process hammering the head right to completion. Whenever he comes across a slow spot in his writing, he opts to engage in something completely different such as writing a short story, starting a completely new novel or better yet engaging in some social commenting.

DeLeo attributes his writing career to his passion to create an easy to relate to alternative reality. He draws his writing inspiration from each and everything that is around him. To him, absolutely nothing is safe as long as it is within his preview he will find a way to have it feature in his writing. This clearly helps under him and his approach to writing considering his is 62 years old yet with a very impressive imagination. He also maintains that he is not in any way related to any of the characters whom he writes about. They all are a part of his creative imagination though he does not rule out having a light bound with them.

Just like any other high profiling writers, DeLeo has a few authors who previous works have greatly influenced his own approach to writing as well as motivated him to write better. Examples of such authors he looks forward to include: Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Donald Hamilton, Ian Fleming, Dean Koontz, John D. MacDonald and Stephen King.

Looking at the future, DeLeo sees himself in his auto shop backroom, working on a new piece in his quest to join the elite group of authors and see part of his work being turned into movies as well. As far as writing is concerned, Hard case is by far his greatest achievement to date sighting the fact that he was looking for a challenge by braking away from third person narration and it paid off.

The Books

Thriller, Terrorism, Assassin, Espionage, Action

Rachel Hunter thinks she and her daughter Jean are safe in the Witness Protection program, when she meets a cold eyed man with an easy smile at the restaurant where she works. In the days following, Rachel discovers that Nick McCarty, is much more than just an author.

Nick McCarty, assassin and bestselling author, contemplates a change in life styles after receiving an order to kill a woman who reminds him of someone from long ago. Six days later, Nick puts a fifty caliber bullet through the head of Hayden Tanus, the man who’d ordered her death, launching himself down the path of protecting a mother and daughter he barely knows, for reasons he isn’t fully prepared to admit.

Rachel realizes the unstoppable killer protecting them lives by only one code – whatever it takes until
the danger is past. With their lives forfeit if she makes the wrong decision, will Rachel choose life by Nick’s side, regardless the costs?

The books in suggested reading order:

Cold Blooded
Killer Moves
Sins and Sanctions
Bloody Shadows
Nightmare in Red
Red Horizon
Hell on Earth
Rule of Nightmare