Sholan Alliance series by Lisanne Norman

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The Author

By profession, I trained as a teacher so I’m interested in everything. Learning is an on-going experience for me. My writing has taken me down many an interesting thoroughfare and alley of research. My main interests are in paleontology, ancient civilizations, particularly the Minoans and Ancient Egyptians, and the history of the Old testament times, which I studied at college.

At college, when we did a survey on our leisure time, I was accused of cheating. The tutor concluded I was one of the few lucky, or unlucky ones, depending on your view point, for whom my work was leisure!

I used to read a minimum of 8 books a week plus do my day job. Now I read when I can, but it’s so easy now to be influenced while I’m writing that I don’t read nearly as much as before. It’s mostly SF I read. Genetics, the workings of the human mind, how memories are stored and accessed, how religions evolve to fulfill the needs of the community to which they belong, and of course, the care, developmental stages and behavior of Cats, both large and small are just some of the on-going interests I study in writing my current series for DAW Books.

I have 2 cats, both females. Bast, a silver gray little queen, and Ripley, (after Ripley in the Alien movies – she hunts bugs too!) a large tabby with I think Siberian in her – she is a floofy explosion and pretty large too! Ripley sits in a fleece donut on my desk and keeps me company while watching the hummingbirds at the feeder beside my window. Bast keeps me company by often squeezing in behind me and sharing the seat with me.

The Books

Fiction, Science Fiction, Space Opera, Alien Contact, Action & Adventure, Interspecies Conflict

How’s this for first contact? The cat Carrie is treating like a pet is an alien named Kusac. When she discovers her mistake, Carrie forms a partnership wiith the furry, but handsome, alien. As a telepathic team, the work to rid the planet of a third group of aliens. Lisanne Norman handles her material superbly–knowing just when to ease up on the drama and go for humor. While the espionage angle and xenophobia are standard, Carrie and Kusac’s personal storyline is a gem. These two aren’t sure if their feelings for each other are real of the result of their telepathic bond, but they can’t keep their hands off each other. Norman leaves what a feline alien does for a cold shower unanswered. (Coffee, at least, is not the solution.) She also leaves enough plots unresolved to suggest that this is the first novel of a series. If Norman continues in this vein, it should be a series worth following. –Starlog

New SF/F author has done a masterful job of making us believe in felinoid aliens, a very loving and understanding people, as the romance between Carrie and Kusac is beautiful and touching. You’ll cheer for the two of them from the very beginning and never stop. I hope she has many more books planned featuring these planets and their people! –The Paperback Forum

The books in suggested reading order:

Turning Point
Fortune’s Wheel
The Firemargins
Razor’s Edge
Dark Nadir
Stronghold Rising
Between Darkness and Light
Shades of Gray
Circle’s End