Surviving the Shock series by Connor McCoy

English | ePUB | 1.46 MiB | Books: 4

The Books

Fiction, Science Fiction, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic

When darkness fell, it gave rise to the worst atrocities mankind had ever seen. Now, one man stands between terrifying acts of violence and innocence.

Thomas Criver once kept the peace as a private security guard. After the world collapsed, he’s left carrying heavy burdens: help the unfortunate or barter his limited resources to live another day. Haunted by his past and surrounded by evildoers, his resolve falters until an unlikely encounter gives him a new purpose.

Amir lost everything. When a kindred spirit arrives in the form of a broken man, a hint of hope comes with him, but that hope to survive the machinations of an evil tyrant run short as the clock ticks. Will a man with no ties to him be the one who can save him or will they lose what little they have left?

That is, everyone except Glen… for now.

The books in suggested reading order:

Defending Hope
Defending Freedom
Defending Against Affliction
Defending Home