White Magic series by Ben Hale

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The Author

Ben Hale is an author of fantasy books and an avid snowboarder from Utah. He grew up with a passion for learning, and it’s this thirst for knowledge that saw him dive into music, sports, and academic endeavors. After a year in college, he took voluntary work in Brazil and mastered the art of speaking fluently in three languages. He graduated from University of Florida & soon after started several successful businesses before publishing his debut novel in June 2012. By the end of the year, he had sold more than ten thousand copies of his The Second Draeken War book and switched to fulltime writing.

His Chronicles of Lumineia series represents a stretch young adult series that has sold more than 250,000 copies and gradually continues to expand its fan base across all ages. Each of Ben Hale’s books has been inspired by his beautiful wife and their six children.

The Books

Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Magic

Forced into hiding, the mages of Lumineia have been forgotten. In their absence the world has become known by another name, Earth. The humans have flourished with time, unaware that The Last Oracle is destined to unite them. At her touch magic will be unbound, and known again as truth. But an ancient war harbors a deadly secret. Draeken, the Lord of Chaos, had a second apprentice, one who became trapped with the defeated fiends. Fueled by revenge and dark magic he has mastered a power that Draeken himself could not, and the time is fast approaching for it to be unleashed.

The Dark is waiting . . .

The books in suggested reading order:

Assassin’s Blade
The Last Oracle
The Sword of Elseerian
Descent Unto Dark
Impact of the fallen
The Forge of Light