Gord the Rogue series by Gary Gygax

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The Author

Gary Gygax has written and had published over 80 games, game products, and books since he began creating in the 1960s, when he founded the world-renowned GenCon gaming convention.

His first professional gaming work was published in 1971. He co-founded the game publishing company Tactical Studies Rules (later TSR, Inc.) in 1973 with his longtime friend from Lake Geneva, Don Kaye. His best known game and fiction credits are the co-creating and authoring the original DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Role-Playing Game, creating the AD&D game, WORLD OF GREYHAWK Fantasy World Setting, and the Gord the Rogue novels. He is often referred to as the “Father of Role-Playing.” Another major credit is his co-production of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Cartoon Show on television; Gary created several of the show’s story springboards and had final control of all script content.

Over the years he has written countless articles and essays about games and gaming and history in regards games. The number of stories and articles about him, the interviews he has given to news and entertainment media publication, media appearances, from TV to fan magazines, are likewise too numerous to count. Memorable ones include: 60 Minutes, Entertainment Tonight, Livewire, Tom Snyder, and in animated likeness and voice on the Futurama Show in 2000. Gary has also done dozens of radio interviews, including the ABC syndicated Michael Jackson Talk Show Print media coverage includes the Wall Street Journal, People, US, and Icon (1999). Gary is currently living in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, his childhood home. He is more active now in creating material than he was when he wrote his first major game in 1972-3.

He writes a regular column in CRUSADER Magazine, does some freelance and consulting work, and has a new RPG system, the LEGENDARY ADVENTURE Role-Playing Game jointly published by Troll Lord Games & Hekaforge Productions as well as writing for and serving as the Chief Editor of the GYGAXIAN FANTASY WORLD SERIES published by Troll Lord Games. He serves Hekaforge as its Chief of Game Design, reviewing all freelance product submissions. Gary Gygax passed away on March 4th, 2008.

The Books

General, sf_fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction

Fortune Favors the Bold!

When young Gord’s caretaker, the aged and foul spirited Leena, dies, she leaves the boy destitute and adrift in the midst of the slums of the Old City. Gord is forced to fend for himself in the merciless world of mendicants, thieves and rogues. His is a cruel life and the lessons hard learned. From penniless waif, to prison, to indentured servitude, Gord finds himself the unwitting tool of others more powerful or wily than himself. Not until his Master Theobald slays his paramour does Gord seize the day. After leaving Theobald in a pool of blood Gord finds himself caught up in a war between the dreaded Union of Beggars, and the thieve s guilds. Follow the wild adventures of this young thief as he climbs fights impossible odds to attain the rank of Master Thief. Written in the golden age of fantasy Gord the Rogue, Saga of the Old City is a classic tale of swash buckling adventure. Gord s topsy turvy career is a mixed bag of ill fated fortunes, success and failure.

Any fan of role playing games and classic tales of sword and sorcery will be taken away by the worlds greatest rogue!

The books in suggested reading order:

Saga of the Old City
Night Arrant
Artifact of Evil
Come Endless Darkness
Dance of Demons
Come Endless Darkness
Dance of Demons


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