HOW TO CHEAT AT FRENCH VERBS: The Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Hacks

English | 2020 | 129 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 2.75 MB

Forget endless verb drills. Now you can cheat at French and speak much better — sooner. This is the un-grammar grammar book, written by a language lover who HATES studying verbs. It took an award-winning author and polyglot to rethink French verbs. It’s a fast, fun, friendly look at the world of conjugation. These verbs ride motorcycles, get into brawls, and argue over their accent marks. Meet the bad boy verbs, the superheroes, and even the wallflowers, who’ll save you countless study time. Now you can conquer French before it conquers you.

**** Quickly learn the four most useful verb tenses.
**** Meet French’s MOST WANTED verbs that you’ll use all day long
**** Discover a new easier to use verb chart
**** Learn the simple trick to express yourself in the future tense — even if you can’t yet conjugate in the future.
**** Find out about the secret language you’ll hear in France daily.
**** Discover why 3 little words involving a “train” will be your new best friends.
**** Meet the Kumbaya family of 7 who will make learning verbs faster and easier
**** And much more! Learn the tips, tricks, secrets and hacks that’ll fast forward you into the world of French speakers.

Glyph Award Winner
Nautilus Award Winner
BAIPA Award Winner
Living Now Award Winner
ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award Winner
Nicholl Fellowship
Reader’s Favorite Award Winner
Eric Hoffer Award Finalist
USA Best Book Drama Award Winner
Next Generation Indie Book Finalist
Dog Writers of America Finalist

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