Huy the Scribe series by Anthony Gill

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The Author

Anton Gill is a British author, who has become a full time professional writer since 1984, with 35 published books. The author was born in 1948, in Ilford, Essex. He was the only child of a German father and an English mother and he lost both his parents in the year1995. His father was an engineer, while his mother taught Drama, English, and Russian. His early years of childhood were spent in Bamberg, Germany. Anton speaks good German and French, and sketchy Spanish and Italian. He got his education between 1960 and 1966 at Chigwell School, in Essex. During his school years Anton was involved in a lot of acting and this is the reason that made him decide to go into the theatre. His higher education was pursued between 1967 and 1970 at Clare College, Cambridge. There he did more acting and directing, running the Fine Art Society and becoming the president of the Amateur Dramatic Club of the college. He graduated in English Literature. While at Cambridge, become friend with Salman Rushdie, who thought him playing drama. Anton Gill also worked in theatre with David Hare.

Between the years 1970 and 1976 Anton Gill worked in the theatre, as an Assistant Director at the Royal Court Theatre, London. There he had the occasion to work with Ronald Eyre, Billie Whitelaw, Lindsay Anderson, Albert Finney, Samuel Beckett, John Osborne, Athol Fugard, and Anthony Page. During this time Anton Gill also wrote plays, one of them being performed in the year 1973, at the Theatre Upstairs. In 1973 he also ran for a season an Experimental Theatre in Geneva. There he worked on a ‘collective creation’ play about François Villon. Later he re-wrote it as a formal play, which was directed in 1975 by Hansgünther Heyme, at the Cologne City Theatre. Anton Gill also had the occasion to work with John Osborne Greenwich, for a season, in 1974-1975. He also participate on the premiere of Samuel Beckett’s play NOT I, in 1973, at the Royal Court. In 1976, Anton Gill’s one-woman play called “Waiting” was playing in New York .

From 1976-1978 Anton Gill worked as a Drama Officer at the Arts Council of Great Britain. In this period he contributed a number of arts plays and features, and started to write for radio. Among the plays he wrote in this period are “The Berlin Resurrection”, a black comedy set in the last years of the Second World War at the Berlin Natural History Museum, the play “Dandolo”, starring Carleton Hobbs in his last role, and “The Man Who Wrote Shakespeare”, a comedy starring Peter Woodthorpe and Roy Kinnear. Among his Radio features are included “For the Whales”, a documentary about whales and whaling, and a biography of Alexander Pope, “The Spider’s Touch”.

In 1976 Gill was a script editor for BBC Radio Drama, and between the years 1978 and 1980 he was a Senior Drama Producer with the BBC. During the year 1981 Anton Gill ran “The Archers” in Birmingham. He resigned from the BBC in 1982 and since 1984 Gill is working as a full time professional writer. He is specialized in historical books, most of them treating contemporary European history topics.

The Books

Fiction, Mystery & Detective, General

Palace intrigues, the death of one-time royal favorites . . . it may sound like Tudor England, but it’s Egypt during the 18th Dynasty, about 1350 B.C.

Akhenaten, the “reformist” pharaoh, has died, and his successor, the child pharaoh Tutankhamun, is effectively controlled by political schemers with no love for Akhenaten’s old supporters, now deemed heretics. Many of these have lost their lives, but Huy, once a scribe in Akhenaten’s court, is luckier: He’s lost merely his home and the right to practice his trade. In desperation, Huy becomes a sort of traveling troubleshooter, the world’s first private eye. City of the Horizon marks his first case, bringing him up against both Egypt’s powerful priesthood and a brutal gang of tomb-robbers, all while he’s trying to evade the clutches of the secret police.

The modern world, it seems, has no monopoly on duplicity and corruption.

The books in suggested reading order:

City of the Horizon
City of Dreams
City of the Dead
City of Lies
City of Desire
City of the Sea