Joanne Fluke – Plum Pudding Murder

Launguage: English | Size: 309 MiB | Length: 9 hrs and 7 mins

The Author

Joanne Fluke is the multi-book New York Times bestselling Cozy Mystery author of over 20 novels in the Hannah Swensen Mysteries series. Like Hannah Swensen, she was born and raised in a small town in rural Minnesota, but now lives in sunny Southern California. She is currently working on her next Hannah Swensen mystery, “Chocolate Cream Pie Murder”

The Book

The yuletide season in Lake Eden, Minnesota, guarantees a white Christmas, delectable holiday goodies from Hannah Swensen’s bakery, The Cookie Jar – and murder. As a shadow hangs over her friends’ Christmas wedding, Hannah’s determined to cook a killer’s goose before anyone else gets burned.
The Cookie Jar’s busiest time of the year also happens to be the most wonderful time…for Christmas cookies, Hannah’s own special plum pudding – and romance! Holiday orders are high, and Hannah’s slated to provide dessert at the Reverend Knudsen’s upcoming nuptials. She’s busy as can be and loving it. She also gets a kick out of “Lunatic Larry Jaeger’s Crazy Elf Christmas Tree Lot”, a kitschy carnival taking place smack-dab in the middle of the village green. Larry thinks he’s crazy like a fox with his wild business schemes, but this time, the entrepreneur may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Rumor has it that Larry’s in the red – an idea that takes a sinister turn when Hannah discovers the man himself dead as a doornail in his own office. It seems quite a few people would have liked to fill Larry’s stocking with coal and then bash him with it – including his bitter ex-wife, his ex-partner’s daughter, a woman he was wooing, and the Crazy Elf Tree lot’s extremely exasperated investors.


citrobella: I’ve more or less enjoyed the Hannah Swenson Mysteries and was always looking forward to the next book. Not anymore. The series is getting increasingly unrealistic, repetitive and the characters have become stale and annoying. I don’t know of anyone who is able to function for more than three days on little or no sleep at all. Can Hannah please just once go to bed at a decent hour and recharge her batteries? And then there’s the never-ending love triangle between herself, Mike and Norman. Are you really trying to tell me that two perfectly eligible bachelors are willing to wait and compete (for how many years now?) for a woman who doesn’t give a flying fig about her appearance and continues to wear the same ratty bathrobe and boots she bought at the thrift store eons ago? At this point I hope they both dump her and get on with it. Oh…but there is Hannah’s knack for baking these fabulous cookies! If I hear one more “These are really good, Hannah!”, I’m going to scream. Nobody ever says “Hmm…I don’t know. I think they’re too sweet.”. So you see, even the dialogues have become repetitive. Kind of like that “time of day when it’s too late for a breakfast cookie and too early for a lunch cookie”. All this being said, I haven’t even commented on the plot, which can be summed up in a single word: Predictable. Excuse me…my phone is ringing and my cat’s hair is standing on end…”Hello, Mother”…”I wish you wouldn’t do that.”.

sharon: I really got into this series. Getting them in order, am now waiting for #13 which is apple turnover. I really enjoyed the book, but I have to agree with some of the other folks, too many recipes and not enough mystery, also too much talk about the food, which I enjoy, don’t get me wrong, but there wasn’t enough focus on the murder.Dont know how many books there are, but I will keep on getting them. Hannah needs to focus also on which fellow she wants and marry him. I’m hoping that it’ll be norman !! Anyways, will keep on reading the series, I really do enjoy them !!