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Dear users, this time we decided to create a forum for you. Be a place where users can also share information related to the world of books. Let’s make this place better and bigger.

Thank you.

The forum is full of amazing and user-friendly features to meet the requirements of today’s era.

Our site is completely mobile friendly on any browser.

If you want to have the best experience of forum, you must be logged in.

1. Login

  • On FPB you can use option is to sign up and log in with your email address.


2. Day/Night Mode

  • By clicking on your username on the top right, you can choose the day or night mode as per your wish.

3. Profile, Security and Settings

  • You don’t have to manually crop/resize your avatar. On FPB you have ability to add avatar and crop it on the go.
  • In your account settings, you can request to get your username changed (It will be approved by admins)
  • You can choose a different nickname (only once) other than your username
  • In your account settings, to change your mail, you can use Change Email option.
  • In your account’s notification settings, you can choose to be notified via site’s notification area and/or email.

4. Posting

  • You don’t have to redesign your posts, FPB gives you ability to copy/paste your other forums’ posts since we have builtin BBCode conversion.
  • On FPB we have builtin imgur integration, you can choose this option to upload your images directly from your computer/phone.
  • FPB gives you ability to use mention option, for example: @username and hashtag option, for example #AnyWord
  • FPB has it’s own Emoji Picker just like other social websites. Alternatively you can use : option to use the emojis.
  • FPB gives you ability to use the LIKE and DISLIKE option for any discussion or post. It affects discussion/topic as well as user’s ranking on the site.

5. Follow/Ignore

  • On FPB you can choose to Follow or Ignore option for any discussion, tag and category.

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