Land of Soup Recipes: A Flavor-quaking Expanse of Thai Soup Cookbook

English | 2020 | 83 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 42.66 MB

One can never have too many soups in their life. This cookbook is for those who want to explore into the realms where there are soup varieties apart from tomato, hot-and-sour, and minestrone. Thai cuisine caters to a wide spectrum of diverse dishes like soups. From hot and spicy to sweet and sour, all the flavors identifiable by the human tongue can be explored through the myriad of soups that the tropical country Thailand offers.

This cookbook provides the top 30 soup recipes from Thailand that can make anyone a pro in the matter of a few hours! These soups can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and practically at any time of the day!

The best part is that almost all these soup recipes are a one-pot dish which means that they are not exactly rocket science and anyone can make them since they are effortless to cook. One can go creative and tweak the recipes according to their whims and fancies. Thai soups- apart from being heavenly and scrumptious- are super healthy and can be eaten at any time of the year! Put on the cooking hat and conjure up some fancy Thai soups that are easier than a pie with this super fun cookbook!

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