Man of War series by H. Paul Honsinger

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The Author

Space and military history are H. Paul Honsinger’s life long passions. Lacking the physical attributes to be an astronaut or a soldier, and not endowed with the mathematical ability essential to become an Aerospace Engineer or an Astronomer, he “settled” for a career in law. But, the study of space and war have always been a part of his life. He became an amateur astronomer, made himself an expert on the history of space exploration (if you ever tell him that the moon landings were a hoax, expect an argument; expect to lose), and never stopped studying the history and the art of war. He started reading science fiction at the age of seven (starting with “Between Planets” by Robert Heinlein) and has been a lifelong fan of the genre.

He also developed an interest in military history upon seeing the movie “Patton” on television in 1972 when he was twelve. He has spent years studying in detail the campaigns of Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Lee, Grant, Jackson, Halsey, and Patton and–perhaps most significantly–thinking deeply and precisely about what it would be like if the stories about combat in space he read and saw on the screen were told in a way that made scientific and military sense.

He never thought he would be a fiction writer. His wife, Kathleen, one day pointed at his computer chair and said: “Sit. Start writing. Now.” The result was the first draft of Chapter 1 of “To Honor You Call Us” (the Prologue was written later). Paul tremulously presented it to Kathleen and asked “am I wasting my time?” She said “no” and the rest of the novel followed.

Paul’s goal is simple: to write military science fiction done right–stories in which the alien enemies are believable foes, fighting for a plausible reason, with weapons that don’t violate the laws of physics, and where the tactics used by both sides make some sort of geometric and military sense. He wanted to bring to space the same kind of realistic adventure one finds on the sea in the novels of Patrick O’Brian and C.S. Forester. Why not, he thought, tell realistic human stories against the background of a realistic military conflict that just happens to be set 300 years in the future? And why not try to evoke in the imaginations of readers vivid images of what the lives of these men would be like, fighting for the survival of mankind among the stars, thousands of light years from home?

The Books

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The Terran Union has spent the last thirty years fighting a vast interstellar war spanning a thousand light years and encompassing hundreds of worlds. The Union’s enemies in this war are the Krag, implacable aliens whose goal is to exterminate the human race.

Now, in the year 2315, with the future of mankind hanging in the balance, wily 28 year old Cajun Max Robichaux is promoted to command of the U.S.S. Cumberland, a Destroyer with state of the art capabilities but a combat record so bad that she is known throughout the fleet as the “Cumberland Gap.” Captain Robichaux’s first mission: take his compact warship among the independent systems of the Free Corridor where the Krag have been secretly purchasing strategic materials, and seize or destroy any ships carrying cargo for the enemy. Max must shoot it out with the Krag convoys or, if he is outgunned, win the day by liberal use of guile, ruse, and military deception. Far from the fleet and under enforced radio silence, the young skipper can rely only on his determination, his wits and, to his surprise, the support, advice, and, increasingly, the friendship, of his Chief Medical Officer, the brilliant and mysterious Doctor Ibrahim Sahin, surgeon, trader, scientist, swordsman, and diplomat.

But, while facing the Cumberland’s shipboard problems and carrying out her dangerous assignment, Max and Doctor Sahin suddenly discover that the Cumberland and her misfit crew are all that stands in the way of a deadly all-out Krag attack that exploits a hidden flaw in the Union’s defenses to strike deep into the heart of the Human Space, threatening to end the war and spell the extinction of humanity.

The books in suggested reading order:

Deadly Nightshade
To Honor You Call Us
For Honor We Stand
Brothers in Valor


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