Operations Management in China

English | 2020 | 151 Pages | True (PDF, EPUB) | 17.7 MB

In Operations Management in China, Dr. Seidelson offers readers a detailed and easily digestible summation of what it takes to run a business successfully in China. Paired with illustrative, contextual narratives, Seidelson meshes the structural, legal, and cultural factors which influence the way labor, management and logistics is conducted at Chinese manufacturers. Whether you’re actively doing business in China (or are planning to), this book serves as a priceless reference to mitigate risk and cultivate sustained success. — Colin Renk, Executive Director, America China Society of Indiana.

Leading business schools routinely offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in operations and supply chain management. Yet 200,000 U.S. jobs in supply chain management go unfilled each year owing to lack of talent. The talent that U.S. companies need, and that this book provides, is understanding how to make and buy products from China.

How important is China to U.S. operations? In 2018, U.S. imports from China reached $600 billion. Half of these imports were bought by U.S. manufacturers. A dependency on Chinese goods is even greater when looking at U.S. supply chains. Sixty cents of every dollar that U.S. consumers spend on goods made in China go to U.S. workers and companies.

Successful operations and supply chain managers understand manufacturing in China.

This book takes readers inside Chinese organizations and shows how factories are built, labor is managed, goods are sourced, quality is controlled, and logistics are handled. Through this immersion experience readers are able to see the opportunities and pitfalls manufacturing in China.


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