Rules of the FPB Community!

Welcome to the FPB. In order to make your stay as pleasant and constructive as possible please take your time to read through this document. These rules can be changed at anytime, normally we announce changes via announcement in all the website.

Members are responsible for the content of their posts. FPB is a website that believes that access to information for all is an important goal for society. As such, in principle, we aim to accommodate and welcome the sharing of all legal content on our website.

Disclaimer: No media or image files are stored on freepaidbooks(dot)online.

General Rules

*FPB is a family website open for all ages. Explicit, vulgar language, drug, religion, political talk, nudity, porn, hacking, money schemes, scams,advertisements and such others are not allowed. There will be a straight ban, no bargains.

*No mini-modding. Use the report button but do not add your own criticisms.The forum language is strictly limited to English. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles and other forms of public display and also includes the main audio language of movies etc.

*Any member with multiple accounts will have all accounts permanently banned immediately, no bargains.

*No advertisement of any website in comments, or any live links to be posted.

Shoutbox Rules

*All the general rules (such as language, profanity and etc) are applied to the Shoutbox too.
*No links to outside sites are allowed. Internal links only.
*Absolutely no advertising of other sites is allowed.
*Shoutbox is not a place for your requests … , use the request forum for this purpose.
*No Political duscusion

Reporting Post

*All members are encouraged to report posts with rule violations and anything that is detrimental to the site. To report a post, click the report button (It is located at the bottom, left of the post). Once the report window pops up, write the reason why you are reporting the post and click Report.