Scumble River series by Denise Swanson

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The Author

Denise Swanson hails from her native Coal City, Illinois and has never moved ever since. This 50-something author of the award-winning mystery novels, The Scumble River Mysteries and Devereaux’s Dime Store Mysteries, used to be a charming school psychologist for 17 years. Today, this devoted wife to an established engineer and talented consonant music composer, David Stybr, and equally dedicated Mom to their black cat, Boomerang, is spending much of her time spinning tales on Skye Denison’s and Dev Sinclair’s (protagonists in her mystery novel series) penchant for solving murders.

The meat of her stories was all taken from personal experiences on both her work as a school psychologist and as a small-town resident of Coal City, Illinois. One story from her murder mystery series, Murder of the Cat’s Meow, is taken right from her friend Bunny’s idea of organizing a speed-dating and cat show weekend right at her bowling alley. A true-blue daughter of the late 1950s, Denise knack with word play is evident in the witty banter of her fictional characters on both pro and anti sides of the story.

Her long-time partner, David Stybr, has been the melody beneath her words. Most of her audio-books background sounds are composed by him. Notwithstanding his musical artistry, David is also a practicing chemical and computer engineer. After more or less 4 decades, he turned back to his first love—composing—and had collaborated with his wife, Denise, on some of her book’s audio background. The Mysteries Revolving Skye Denison

The Scumble River Mystery tale started in year 2000 with the Murder of Small Town Money. Her Skye Denison, whose work resembled Denise’s school psychologist profile, was entrusted to a whole new world of small-town murder mystery dilemma. Since then, this diminutive town fictional town in Illinois has become a haven for thrilling crimes and mysteries weaved with delectable gusto by the novels’ author.

Circling around Skye Denison’s return to a hometown she so defied after graduating class valedictorian. Understandably, she has come back after experiencing life’s unavoidable setbacks and is now facing the usual drama that most small town abode brings but, this time, with a twist of murderous intent. Unfortunately, not everyone forgets her scathing remark about the place which she vowed to never set foot again till now.

Denise Swanson is a witty and enchanting storyteller. Every page of these novels leaps with a perfect blend of humor, wit and depth usually lacking in other murder mystery novels. Think about witty titles such as, the Murder of a Stacked Librarian, Murder of the Cat’s Meow, Murder of Creped Suzette, Murder of a Bookstore Babe, Murder of a Wedding Belle, Murder of a Royal Pain, Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry, Murder of a Botoxed Blonde, Murder of a Real Bad Boy, Murder of A Smart Cookie, Murder of A Pink Elephant, Murder of a Barbie and Ken, Murder of A Snake In The Grass, Murder of A Sleeping Beauty, Murder of a Sweet Old Lady, and Murder of a Small-Town Honey. All these books revolved around Skye Denison’s involvement (or allegations of the same) on most of the victims on these books.

The Books

Fiction, Mystery & Detective, cozy, General, women sleuths

When school psychologist Skye Denison left Scumble River after high school, she swore she would never return to such a small minded town. But when credit card and boyfriend trouble caused her to slink home, she tries to blend in unnoticed. However inconspicuous has never been one of Skyes attributes, as the small-town busybodies try to bring her out in the public eye whenever they can. When she stumbles upon a dead TV personality, the police accuse her brother and she is forced to prove him innocent. This proves to be a daunting task, but Skye is up to the task. She is bright, persistent, gutsy and the perfect amateur sleuth.

The books in suggested reading order:

Murder of a Small-Town Honey
Murder of a Sweet Old Lady
Not a Monster of a Chance
Murder of a Sleeping Beauty
Murder of a Snake in the Grass
Murder of a Barbie and Ken
Murder of a Pink Elephant
Dead Blondes Tell No Tales
Murder of a Smart Cookie
Murder of a Real Bad Boy
Murder of a Botoxed Blonde
Murder of a Chocolate-Covered Cherry
Murder of a Royal Pain
Murder of a Wedding Belle
Murder of a Bookstore Babe
Murder of a Creped Suzette
Not a Monster of a Chance
Murder of the Cat’s Meow
Murder of a Needled Knitter
Murder of an Open Book
Murder of a Cranky Catnapper
Murder of a Cranky Catnapper