Stanton Family series by Audra North

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The Author

Shivanshu Trivedi Romance is best enjoyed hot and Audra North understands it very well. Audra North is one of the most liked authors in the romance genre and she loves to write interesting hot and sensual romantic titles for her readers. She has an exceptional flare in writing romance and understands the needs of the readers. If you are looking for a very sensual romantic title with heart throbbing romance she is the writer that matches your taste.

Early and Personal Life
Writing came in very late for Audra. As a child she wanted to become an architect lawyer princess with a dream to become the President of United States. Yes, she dreamt to be the POTUS.However, she began her career as software engineer graduating to a wedding dress designer. She later became a full time stay at home mother. During her late night hauls for feeding and napping the kids, she looked for something to do to kill the boredom. Being a fan of romance herself, writing romance was one of the things that Audrey was interested in lately.Audra lives in Boston and enjoys her time with her husband, three kinds and a lot of books. She insanely loves her family and has given up her earlier professions to take care of her family.

Writing career
Audrey is one of the writers who faced a huge entry barrier before publishing her first title. She wrote her first novel ‘A Regency’ in 2011 but did not get a chance to get published. She tried to reach every agent on the planet to get published and all her efforts went in vain.
She got her first break as an author in April 2013, when her nouvella qualified in the call for publishing event by Entangled Publishing. An unusual level of commitment towards writing got her published on 30 December 2013 when her first title ‘One Night In Santiago’.
She has a special recipe to make great titles Strong Women, Smart Men, Hot Romance. She loves to spice up the story with great scenes of romance and presents them in great details.
She is relentlessly writing ever since with some very hot and sensual romantic titles. She won 2015 Independent Publisher Ebook and Regional award for her book Winter Rain from the series love in the rain.
Audrey is known for the exceptional presentation of hot and sensual scenes with exceptionally vivid details that invigorate the emotions and romance in the audience.

The Books

Entangled; Select Contemporary; Contemporary romance; romance; Audra North; Stanton Family; Christmas; Boss; employee; workplace romance; coworkers

Finance genius Meredith Klaus prefers numbers to people, especially around the holidays. At least the large sum of money that’s mysteriously vanished from the company accounts will distract her from the ghosts of Christmases past. Until her sexy boss asks her to be his last-minute date to a fundraiser gala, that is, and the promise of a special evening calls to something long-buried in her.
Andrew Stanton, Manhattan’s best-known philanthropist, has worked hard building his reputation in the industry. He offers to work closely with Meredith to fix his company’s financial crisis, but the more time they spend together, the harder it becomes to look at her as just a colleague.
A beautiful dress. A handsome man on her arm. A challenge she can’t refuse. Can they find the missing money and fulfill their holiday wishes, or will Meredith be unable to overcome the demons of her past and lose her chance at…

The books in suggested reading order:

Falling For the CEO
One Night in Santiago
Healing the Heart
A Lesson in Temptation