The Books of Magic series by Carla Jablonski

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The Author

Carla Jablonski is the author and editor of dozens of best-selling books for teenage and middle-grade readers. She grew up in New York City, where she attended public schools and the Bronx High School of Science. She has a BA in anthropology from Vassar College and an MA from NYU’s Gallatin School, an interdisciplinary program for which she combined playwriting, the history of gender issues in 19th Century Circus, and arts administration. “I wanted to write the play, contextualize the play, and learn how to produce the play for my degree,” she explains. “I think I may have been the happiest graduate student at NYU — I SO loved working toward my thesis.”

While still in graduate school she supported herself as the editor of The Hardy Boys Mysteries. “When I interviewed for the job they asked me if I’d ever read the Hardy Boys as a kid. ‘No way,’ I scoffed. ‘Those are BOY books! It was Nancy Drew for me!’ Luckily my future boss had a sense of humor. She hired me after I promised I’d read the books if I got the job.”

She has participated in the renowned Breadloaf Writers’ Conference as well as Zoetrope’s All-Story highly competitive writing workshop held at Francis Ford Coppella’s resort in Belize. She has taught writing for the children’s market, as well as “cold-reading” skills for teachers as part of Project:Read. Several of her books have been selected as part of the Accelerated Reader’s program.

She continues to work freelance as an editor for publishers and for private clients, even as she writes novels and creates new series. She also has another career (and identity!) as a playwright, an actress, and a trapeze performer. “I try to keep the worlds separate,” she explains about her multiple identities. “The different work I do has different audiences, so I want to keep them apart. But they’re all me — they’re all ways of expressing what I’m thinking and feeling — just in different mediums.”

The Books

Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy & Magic

Do you believe in magic?

Timothy Hunter is just like any other thirteen-year-old boy in London . . . except for the tiny fact that he might be the most powerful magician of his time.

When four strangers offer to show Tim the realms of magic, he begins a journey beyond imagination. Wizards pursue him, danger threatens at every turn, and he discovers powerful forces that want him on their side—or dead.

The books in suggested reading order:

The Invitation
The Children’s Crusade
Lost Places


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