The Earthly Gods (Agent of Rome #6) by Nick Brown


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Nick was born in Norwich in 1974. A keen reader from a young age, he graduated from Enid Blyton to Douglas Hill and JRR Tolkien, and from there to Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton. After three years studying in Brighton, he travelled to Nepal where he worked at an orphanage and trekked to Mount Everest. After qualifying as a history teacher in 2000, he worked for five years in England before taking up a post at an international school in Warsaw.

Nick had completed a few screenplays and a futuristic thriller before being inspired to try historical fiction after reading C.J. Sansom’s Dissolution: “Researching the Roman army and life in the third century was a fascinating but time-consuming project and the book went through many drafts before arriving at its final form. I had always intended Cassius to be a somewhat atypical protagonist and when I came across the research about the Roman ‘secret service’, I knew I’d found an ideal vocation for my reluctant hero.”


Unable to make any progress in locating the missing Indavara, a desperate Cassius has been given an unrewarding assignment in Antioch. But when an old ally’s daughter is kidnapped, he feels duty-bound to repay a long standing debt. Disillusioned with the tawdry demands of the Imperial Security Service, he disobeys his superiors and leaves Syria, determined to do some good.

Accompanied by nomadic chieftain Kabir and a trio of warriors, Cassius soon finds himself in Greece hunting a vicious band of slave-traders trafficking women across the Empire. But these are no common criminals, and as Cassius sets out to bring them down, he finds himself up against ruthless, cunning men with powerful friends and a lot to lose.

For the Agent of Rome, desperate times call for desperate measures.


Jane: I am thrilled that Cassius, Simo, and Indavara are back so I can follow them in this latest adventure–the best so far. In this novel, we look at abductions and the illegal slave-trade from two angles: the abducted [Indivara] and of Cassius and his nomad compatriots from the earliest novel in the series, “The Siege”, searching for Kabir’s daughter and two friends who have been abducted. Cassius is offered a [provisional] promotion with pay raise, as well as the option of leave visiting his folks. Although the options are tempting, his bond with Indavara is stronger; his companions both feel more like family now than his blood family. Cassius is obsessed with finding him, plus he feels strong loyalty to Kabir and family. Cassius goes AWOL. Their search leads them eventually to Byzantium by way of horrendous, obstacle-filled, labyrinthine journeys by land and water. Meanwhile, while in captivity and lying helpless at the mercy of others, Indavara has vivid dreams [or could they be memories of his earlier life?]. An escape attempt has failed miserably. But his friends are not giving up.

Albert: I’ve fallen hideously behind in my adventures in bookland – indeed, it might have looked like I had abandoned bookland entirely – but never fear, it remains my favourite place in which to travel, and Nick Brown’s series of the adventures of Imperial agent Cassius looks like it will be a very good place to travel. This is the sixth (and currently last) book in the series, but its story of kidnap, adventure, quest and survival is excellent, and the characters memorable and well rounded. An excellent example of historical fiction and highly recommended.


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