The Emigrants series by Vilhelm Moberg

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The Author

Vilhelm Moberg was born in 1898 in Småland, in the south of Sweden. He was the the fourth child in a family of seven kids. He led a harsh and simple childhood, and early on found an interest in the literary world.

With works such as Ride this night, When I was a child and perhaps foremost the amazing Emigrantsaga Moberg has clearly positioned himself as Sweden’s greatest writer.

Not only was he one of Swedens most succesful writers, his plays were very successful all throughout Sweden. Even up to this day one can look at the musical Kristina from Duvemåla (set up by Björn and Benny of ABBA) to see his longlasting influence on the Swedish cultural life.

Moberg has been voted as the most important Swedish journalist during the 20th century. He was from the start very vocal in his opposition against the lack of Swedish resistance towards nazi-Germany and became one of the most active and famous anti-totalitarians in Sweden. Mobergs was also harshly critical of the Soviet Union’s war against Finland as well as the politics of Soviet. Over the years he turned into somewhat of a the Swedish people’s conscience and he was involved in uncovering major judical scandals, as well as arguing against the Swedish monarchy. Instead he favored a republican system based on the Swiss canton electoral system.

In 1973 he drowned in a lake in Roslagen, north of Stockholm, in what apperantly was a suicide.

The Books

Fiction, General

Considered one of Sweden’s greatest 20th-century writers, Vilhelm Moberg created Karl Oskar and Kristina Nilsson to portray the joys and tragedies of daily life for early Swedish pioneers in America. His consistently faithful depiction of these humble people’s lives is a major strength of the Emigrant Novels. Moberg’s extensive research in the papers of Swedish emigrants in archival collections, including the Minnesota Historical Society, enabled him to incorporate many details of pioneer life.

First published between 1949 and 1959 in Swedish, these four books were considered a single work by Moberg, who intended that they be read as documentary novels. These new editions contain introductions written by Roger McKnight, Gustavus Adolphus College, and restore Moberg’s bibliography not included in earlier English editions.

The books in suggested reading order:

The Emigrants
Unto a Good Land
The Settlers
The Last Letter Home