The Fast800 Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley

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Discover the next major “health revolution” (The New York Times) with this cutting-edge new program from number one New York Times best-selling author of The FastDiet that will help you lose weight, beat disease, and live longer with intermittent fasting.

Millions of people worldwide have lost weight and reversed disease using Dr. Mosley’s The FastDiet, which revealed the incredible power of intermittent fasting. Clinical studies show that fasting not only helps you lose weight fast, but also improves blood sugar levels and heart health, boosts brain health and function, and is even proven to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.  

Drawing on the latest research and his personal experience gaining and then losing 14 pounds, “the world’s top gut health guru” (Dr. Barry Marshall, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine) returns with an even more effective – yet easier to follow – diet plan designed to reap maximum fasting benefits. The Fast800 Diet pinpoints the ideal fasting calorie count for health and weight loss: 800. Built around a more manageable 800-calorie fasting day – whether that’s 800 calories every day until you achieve your goals, or 800 calories twice a week – Dr. Mosley’s powerful three-phase program is designed to supercharge weight loss and fast-track a healthier life:

Phase 1: A powerful jumpstart designed to accelerate weight loss.
Phase 2: Fast twice a week to sheds pounds without slowing your metabolism.
Phase 3: Discover how to keep the weight off – without calorie counting.

Complete with over 55 delicious recipes, four weeks of meal plans, and inspiring success stories, The Fast800 Diet is a simple and life-changing program that gets you real-world results.


Than this is the diet for you. I am 66 years old and literally was trying to lose 20 pounds for 10 years or more. I would drop five or six pounds and put it back on. I did Keto (gained weight on this and felt miserable), Weight Watchers, BistroMD, Nutrisystem, and too many to mention. Also did Intermittent fasting, which did help, but I didn’t see real, substantial results until I combined it with 800 calories a day. Strangely enough, I didn’t find it that difficult to do. I lost 10 pounds in about two weeks, and have kept it off. I’ve done a lot of traveling lately and now I feel if I did gain some of it back, I know how to get it off. And I haven’t tried the recipes, I just make up my own meal plans. I am about 56 and weighed 157 pounds. Now I’m down to about 143lbs. This diet really really works. Maybe a lot of the diets out there work for younger people, with a lot of weight to lose. But at my age, and with a much slower metabolism, the weight seemed nearly impossible to take-off until I tried this plan. If you’ve struggled with every diet on the planet, and nothing has worked, I strongly suggest you give us plan a try. It is so worth it.

review by Rebecca