The Helmsman series by Bill Baldwin

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The Author

Bill (Merl. W, Jr.) Baldwin (June 6, 1935 – October 14, 2015) was an American science fiction writer. He wrote militaristic space opera. His main series is about a male protagonist named Wilf Ansor Brim.

He graduated from The Mercersburg Academy and the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a B.A. in Journalism and a Master of Letters degree. He served as a lieutenant at the U.S. Air Force Missile Test Center. He worked at NASA at Cape Canaveral, Florida supporting Project Mercury as Chief of the Reports Division. Later, Baldwin served as a contractor for the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center.

He was the president of the Wooden Boat Association of north Texas. He was also the managing editor of the magazine The Brass Bell of the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club. He and others helped create the Lawson Boating Heritage Center on Chautauqua Lake, Bemus Point, New York.

The Books

High Tech, General, Science Fiction, War & Military, Thrillers, Fiction

While the science and the practical qualities of these books are dated, the adventure is fun.

The characters are interesting if a little off the shelf. This is a very fun series of books and a good one for the younger readers transitioning from the young adults books to full fledged novels. I read it for the first time when I was in high school and have read it again twice. It still holds that youthful charm for a crusty old man in his forties.

One of the few survivors of a League sneak attack on his poor and miserable homeworld of Carescria. Wilf Brim sets out to settle the score. Were it not for the attrition from the war that followed, Wilf would never have escaped his lower-class status and been accepted into the Academy.

Now, freshly graduated, young Sublieutenant Wilf Ansor Brim, Imperial Fleet, begins his first assignment, Helmsman of the I.F.S. Truculent.

The books in suggested reading order:

The Helmsman
The Galactic Convoy
The Trophy
The Mercenaries
The Defenders
The Siege
The Defiance
The Turning Tide


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