Trystan Scott series by H. M. Ward

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The Author

H.M. Ward is one of the well known novelists of America who likes to write her novels based on the young adult, new adult, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance genres. Her romance novels have done great wonders for as they have gone on to become very much successful all over the world. Following the enormous success of her young adult and romance novels, author Ward has become a bestselling author of a number of popular magazines including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Amazon, and USA Today. She has even featured in the list of prominent authors of the romance genre in the Washington Post, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. The wide range of romance novels written by author Ward is included in six different novel series, including the Demon Kissed, Trystan Scott, Ferro Family, Secrets, Damaged, and Scandulous.

Author Ward was just an indie writer at the beginning of her writing and quickly went on to become a full time within a period of one year after the publication of her debut novel. It was in the year 2011 that she became a published author when her first novel titled Demon Kissed was published. The most popular novel series written by author Ward is the Ferro Family series, which is comprised of around 35 books in total. This series is divided into several small series and the main series of Ferro Family consists of around 20 novels. Author Ward is believed to be reigning over the New York Times as a bestselling author after having been able to swiftly approach 13 million printed copies sold. By achieving such a feat she has become successful in making a name for herself among the titans of the literature world. Author Ward likes to remain in touch with her fans and readers through the social media platforms. She has maintained a Facebook page especially for posting details about her latest release dates and sale information. She even likes to take inputs from her fans for ways in which she can make her romance and young adult novels even better. Author Ward also runs an SMS portal through which she keeps her fans reminded about her recent literary activities.

The Books

Fiction, Urban, General, Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary, Romance

The David Trevellyan series written by Andrew Grant comprises of three novels, which have been released till now from 2009 to 2012 by Pan MacMillan Australia, with the fourth one being ready to be released. All the novels of the series are very interesting to read and have plots full of thrills and suspense. The first novel was titled ‘Even’ and was published in the year 2009. The novel introduces David Trevellyan as a spy and an under-cover agent who is also a former Royal Navy Intelligence officer. His skills and undying attitude make him one of the best undercover agents of the world. David had also been a seasoned operative for the British Intelligence and a man of honor.

Being an ex-naval officer, he has got all the killer instincts and survival tactics that make him a real threat to the criminals. As a result, they always try to set him up so that he can no longer remain a threat to them. In one such instance, he is shown as taking a lonely walk in the late night in between his hotel in New York City and a restaurant, where he comes across a man in the alley, who has been shot to death and is lying by the side of the road. As soon as David reaches near the dead body, a police car arrives to catch him. David realizes that he has been set up. But, he shows no signs of worry as he thinks he has not committed the crime. He has been in a lot of trouble before and has been able to come out of every situation because of his wit and determination.

David used to work as an undercover officer by the orders of his superior officers. S, he was thinking that they will help him out in this case. But, he is not given any chance to contact them and the NYPD rather hands his case to the FBI. This makes it even more difficult for him to get out. Also, he gets sucked deep into the system when he learns about his bosses turning their backs. Therefore, he decides to act alone and make ways to clear his name of this case. He has no idea about who is his friend and who is not, yet he starts to find the truth and learns that there has a been a huge international conspiracy that has been laid down against him. He believes his instincts and moves forward step by step knowing that if he gets caught, he will murdered. But he thinks about the brighter side of it and believes that if he succeeds in finding the truth then he will get redemption. This keeps him motivated all through his struggle. He keeps fighting to clear his name as well as that of the dead body who was murdered in the alley.

The books in suggested reading order:

Lover Revealed
Broken Promises