Tudor Crimes series by Anne Stevens

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Fiction, English History, Tudor Period

Henry Tudor is in the winter of his reign. He is without a male heir, and the future of the English throne hangs in the balance. Powerful men, such as Cromwell, Lord Percy and the Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk vie for power. Into this world rides Captain Will Draper, a soldier fresh from the wars, and with an important message. Cardinal Wolsey is dead. Intrigue follows intrigue, and Will finds himself in a race to uncover a murderer. The politics and chicanery of court life threaten to ruin his investigation, and leave the way clear for the most heinous crime of all. This is the debut novel of Anne Stevens, and captures Tudor England in all its moods: Palaces, fine houses, Bawds, rich nobles and the poorest, all mingle to create an atmospheric book that entwines historical fact with fast paced fiction.

The books in suggested reading order:

Winter King
Midnight Queen
The Stolen Prince
The Condottiero
The King’s Angels
The King’s Examiner
The Alchemist Royal
Twilight of Queens

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