Warstrider series by William H. Keith Jr.

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The Author

William H. Keith, Jr is one of the prominent authors from America, who likes to write action, thriller, and science fiction novels. He has written the Cybernac, Galactic Marines, Freendom’s Rangers, Warstrider, Star Carrier, and The Warrior Breed series. Besides writing novels for himself, author Keith has also contributed to a few series from other authors as well. Some of them include the Doctor Who, Carrier, Seal Team Seven, Battle Tech, Buck Rogers, Star Drive, and many others. In addition to using his original name for writing his novels, author Keith also uses a few pen names, including Ian Douglas, Keith Douglass, Robert Cain, Bill Keith, H. Jay Riker, and Keith Willliam Andrews. In many of his books, Keith has drawn upon the experiences that he gained while serving in the United States Navy on the post of hospital corpsman. Author Keith is a Reiki and Wiccan master. He started his writing career by writing role playing games as freelancer. The first novel written by him is Doctor Who & the Vortex Crystal. It was published in the year 1986. Author Keith was born on August 8, 1950. He spent most his childhood days in the western mountains of Pennsylvania. Keith joined the Navy at the time of the Vietnam War as a corpsman. Later, he continued to serve in the medical field as a civilian. After starting as an illustrator, he went on to become a full time writer. He has to his name around 78 novels, 10 nonfiction books, and 20 short stories. His novels range from science fiction to military technothrillers to action & adventure. Author Keith has said that he has his first interest in science fiction, especially the military science fiction with the hard-science, realistic edge. Keith’s previous career as a game developer and illustrator was also a successful one. He has around 40 games and modules to his credit as a professional developer.

Keith’s interest in painting and artwork has also worked wonders for him. His paintings are often displayed during the summers at the Confluence in Pittsburgh. Since the year 1984, author Keith has been writng full time. He has turned out numerous books in an effort to compete with Isaac Asimov. Author Keith continues to write even today. He has lined up a few exciting new novels, which are about to be published soon. Recently, Keith has branched out to write nonfiction books, ghostwriting works, and co-authoring with some of the prominent names of the science fiction genre. Whenever author Keith is not busy with his writing works, he likes to indulge in several sports activities like hiking. He also loves to participate in Mensa. Keith ha given guest lectures at a number of colleges and Mensa events nearby his residence. He generally speaks on the topics related the fiction genre writing, propulsion system of spacecrafts, the future of the humans in space. Keith is a dedicated practitioner of Reiki, which he also teaches others. For the purpose of writing his new nonfiction book, Keith keeps himself busy with the research works of metaphysical phenomena. He can be found soaked in a tub of hot water very often. As of today, author Keith resides in a small town, located in the Laurel Mountains. He lives with his partner named Brea, 3 cats, a several aquatic creatures and plants.

The Books

Fiction, Science Fiction, Military, Action & Adventure, Warstrider

The launch of an exciting new military SF series by a popular writer of adventure game novels. After being drafted into the Guard–“groundpounders” consigned to do the dirtiest work of interplanetary warfare–Dev Cameron’s unit is sent to do battle with the Xenos, an illogical and terrifying alien race committed to the annihilation of all other galactic species.

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