Workshops Expert advice for designing a great woodshop in any space

English | May 14, 2019 | 226 Pages | True PDF | 35.88 MB

For years, woodworkers have turned to Fine Woodworking magazine, in particular the popular annual “Tools & Shops” issue, for advice about setting up their woodworking shop. This book is a collection of the best of those workshop articles from the last 10 years.

It covers all aspects of setting up a shop from choosing a location and adding heating and cooling, through accessories and storage options to how to use the shop safely and comfortably.

Also included is advice on workbenches, jigs and fixtures, and dust collection. With such a wide range of topics and shops represented, this book will appeal to all woodworkers from newbies just setting up a shop to veterans who want to make better use of the shop they already have.

You’ll learn how to:

build a small, sturdy workbench
heat and cool your shop
work at the right height
set up a dust collection system
outfit your shop with an essential clamp kit
transform a prefab


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